Manifest MedEx Growing Quickly as Californias Nonprofit Health Data Utility

Today, Manifest MedEx (MX) is announcing major new progress toward the
goal of connecting healthcare in California. The 18-month-old
organization is announcing that it is adding Heritage California and
Hill Physicians — two of the largest medical groups in the state — and
Stanford Health Care to the network. This will bring an estimated 1.5
million patients to the health information network already covering more
than 11 million Californians. As California’s health data utility, MX is
quickly building on its mission of giving hospitals, providers and
health plans the data they need to improve quality, reduce costs and
improve patient experience. During the first six months of 2018, the
nonprofit has already added major new participants, launched new
products, created new economic incentives, and grown its team.

Heritage Provider Network covers 700,000 patients with its network of
2,800 primary care physicians, 6,600 specialist physicians, and more
than 100 hospitals in Southern California. Hill Physicians has nearly
4,000 primary care physicians, specialists, sub-specialists, and
consultants in its Northern California medical group. In addition to
adding Heritage, Hill Physicians, and Stanford Health Care as
participants, MX also reached key growth milestones during the first
half of 2018:

“As we grow, we always have our mission — connecting healthcare in
California — front of mind,” said Claudia Williams, CEO of Manifest
MedEx. “We’re delivering information that helps hospitals, medical
groups, and ACOs do the hard work of improving care coordination,
reducing inefficiencies, addressing gaps in care, and enhancing the
patient experience. The scale of participation we’ve seen in just 18
months shows that we are on our way to collectively improving the
healthcare system and providing a better experience for everyone.”

Manifest MedEx is helping bring California healthcare into the digital
age, enabling a healthcare system that is patient-focused, affordable,
and high value. To join 200+ healthcare organizations in the MX network,

About Manifest MedEx

Manifest MedEx is tackling one of healthcare’s hardest and most
fundamental problems. A problem that has to be fixed before hospitals,
health plans, and physicians can do the hard work to reduce costs,
provide a better patient experience, and improve outcomes. MX is on a
mission to connect healthcare in California. To do so, they have built a
nonprofit utility that gets health information out of silos. The MX
network facilitates the secure exchange of real-time information on
millions of patients across California. For more information, visit:

About Heritage California

Heritage Provider Network (HPN) is a limited Knox-Keene license
organization in California which was founded in 1979 by Dr. Richard
Merkin, President and CEO. HPN has been voted a top 10 provider delivery
network by the California Association of Physician Groups and is one of
the largest multi-specialty medical groups in California. This system
represents a workable, successful business model that has been
duplicated with medical groups, IPAs and medical facilities throughout
California. HPN delivers high quality, patient centered health care to
over 700,000 individuals and through its provider network contracts with
2,800 primary care physicians, 6,600 specialist physicians and over 100
hospitals. HPN is dedicated to quality, affordable health care and
putting patients’ wellness first.

About Hill Physicians

Hill Physicians Medical Group is the largest independent physician
association in Northern California. Since 1984, it has provided
consumers access to quality, patient-focused healthcare. The group,
comprised of over 4,000 primary care and specialty physicians, partners
with leading health plans and hospitals, giving members access to
healthcare in 11 counties spanning the Sacramento, San Joaquin and San
Francisco Bay areas. Comprehensive case management programs, targeted
clinical initiatives and a dedication to technological advancement place
it at the forefront of the industry. Hill Physicians is consistently
acknowledged as one of the top-performing medical groups in the state by
The Integrated Healthcare Association and Association of Physician
Groups. For more information, visit:

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