Many Australians prefer a Muslim immigration ban

President Barack Obama of the United States had strong words for those who espouse anti-immigration views in America, Australia and Europe. A new poll by Essential Research has found that 49 percent of total Australians polled support ban on immigration of Muslims to the Oceanic nation. The respondents were from all political colors: 60 percent for the ban came from Coalition voters, 40 percent from Labor and 34 percent of the Greens. 

President Obama was emphatic when he said that rich countries should do more- and not less. He also said that refugees are the victims- and not causes of violence. Obama went further to add that any government which propose to keep refugees away by building walls are actually entrapping teir own citizens and mentioned that history will not judge them well. He said that this crisis can be construed as a test of common humanity, continuing that two policies can be pursued- one is surrendering to fear ans suspicion and the building of walls or seeing the humanity of one person in another.

The Essential poll had a sample size for about 1,000 people. It was done after a week when an incendiary speech was made by Senator Hanson of Australia. The senator gave the proposal that Australia should stop giving citizenship to Muslims.

The respondents said that the reasons for preferring to ban Muslims were terrorism. There is also a belief that Muslim immigrants rarely intergrate into the society. They are also percieved to be not sharing the Australiabn values. This poll was done twice to ensure that the views are not a one-off. 

The US President gave a strident call asking for more decisive actions so that the huge number of asylum seekers in the world and also internally displaced persons are helped. In his opening address in New York, he scorned the moral abandonment of right wingers like Donald Trump, the presidential candidate from the Republican Party. Similar views are echoed by Nigel Farage in the United Kingson and Senator Pauline Hanson of Australia. He expounded on the topic by saying that it is a test of the global system where all the nations should share in their collective responsibilities. A huge proportion of refugees are to found in only 10 nations, including Ethiopia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon. He pointed out that these nations have much fewer resources than those who are doing nothing.

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