Mastering the Delayed Gratification Habit

It can be extremely hard to avoid temptation-especially when it is yours for the taking. Delayed gratification entails that you hold out for a better outcome in the future. To many people, it is an impossible task. It is equal to losing a battle so that a war can be won.

Teachable trait

Self control can be taught but it isn’t exclusively an inborn trait. This can be achieved by doing a few mental exercises. Your will power will be sharpened as a result. You can shut out an extremely tempting option by sheer mental effort.

The first step to conquering instant gratification is to find something which you like as well. Think about any other product you like and allow your mind to wander in that direction. To give an example, if you see a slice of pizza around you, your first instinct will be to eat it. However, think about other things which give you pleasure. If you like to travel, then good health is a must. Eating that pizza slice is bad for your health-and thus you must not eat it. Imagine the places you will see and the activities to enjoy. You do not have to run to the nearest travel counter- just imagine yourself to be doing so. If you can do this, you will be much healthier in the medium and long run.

Dream for more

It is perfectly alright to dream. It helps to keep track of the longer term targets. If you are not engaged in a critical job, then it is perfectly alright to dream. You will feel much happier to reconnect with your goals for the longer term compared to the stuff which brings instant gratification. It is perfectly normal to daydream. Do not do tasks one after the another. Daydreaming equals a mental break. Let your imagination wander and allow it to take you wherever it goes.

Gratitude helps in valuing better options that will come in the future. A person who expresses gratitude does have more possibility for waiting a longer period of time for much better rewards. This is applicable for material rewards as well. To do this, reflect upon what you have done until now, and how you survived, and  be gratified about the state of affairs. Most people do not think about the things that they have done. These people have minimal time for this.

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