Matt Smith, Founder of Cybrswype, an All-Inclusive Transaction Processing Network, Engages Alan Morell,Creative Management Partners as Senior Advisor

DALLAS, TX, July 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Announced today, Matt Smith, Founder of Cybrswype, an all-inclusive transaction processing network with auditing tools for Merchants and Banks, and an easy to use platform for all user demographics, engages Alan Morell, Creative Management Partnersas Senior Advisor.

ABOUT Cybrswype:
As Mr. Smith stated: “They said, It couldn’t be done. Development has arrived. It is called Cybrswype. What started as a coffee shop idea drinking cup after cup, gallon after gallon of coffee, laboring long hours over the how, the method, and its delivery to the market, is now a universal transaction network. This service-related industry allows people to buy and sell commodities, daily goods and services, with any currency, fiat or crypto, thus making Cybrswype a global transaction method. It is a new day with a new mentality and a clear vision, no longer reactive, but proactive. Cybrswype finds the void to fulfill the need. Cybrswype is the new dawn of money exchange. No more credit cards or credit rates on transactions, thus surpassing the current models currently in place of transacting business today.”
Cybrswype management team has a collective 200+ years’ experience in securities and commodity trading, financial markets, oil and gas, chemicals, real estate, marketing and advertising, development, and technology.
Matt Smith said: “Having Alan Morell, who is highly respected on Wall Street, join our team is a unique opportunity for us. Over these last few months, Alan has been a guiding force to me as he has nurtured our strategy. His experience in developing growth strategy and market positioning for clients within the technology industry, as he did for his clients with e.g. Google was certainly a milestone.”
Alan Morell said, “I am extremely honored to join Cybrswype as Senior Advisor to its founder Matt Smith, who is a visionary and brilliant young man. Having worked with a variety of technology clients in the early stages, positioning Cybrsywpe for Wall Street is critical.”

Cybrswype has raised capital in private investment, bootstrapping its way for its initial launch for its first B2B platform. Houston oil refineries will now be selling their oil internationally for ETH, and soon, BTC, XRP, LTC, and standard fiat currencies. Cybrswype will facilitate international commodity transactions while maintaining a high level of customer verification using proprietary KYC methods.

From commodities to daily spending, what are next, diamonds, art, arms, and real estate? Luxury goods will now be easier to exchange as well. Cybrswype is the new and proven method of payment regardless of the derivative value.
Cybrswype will soon be releasing its Retail payment portal, which will facilitate the ability of online centric businesses to accept crypto payments safely. Shortly thereafter, physical store locations will be able to accept payments as well, and banks will be able to easily support their clients.
Are MasterCard and Visa about to be surpassed? Will conventional methods of banking transactions fall by the wayside? What has been slow and arduous is now efficient. One can now safely transact at a very high rate of speed while having their funds and resources protected in the Blockchain with accuracy, which our legal team has already filed patents for.
Surrounded by his team of maniacal thinkers exhibiting obsessive enthusiasm, Matt Smith has declared that Cybrswype is domestically based in Dallas. Fintech isn’t arriving in Dallas; it has arrived. Its team is comprised of Matt Smith, Barry Hayes, and Michael Keegan.
Cybrswype has contracted the help of EphronTech for technology design, development and technology maintenance for operations. EphronTech is a tech service provider and software development firm, based in the San Francisco bay area. Cybrswype has also partnered with Malloy & Malloy of Coral Gables, Florida for their expertise in intellectual property filing and litigation counseling. The Dallas firm of Orenstein Law Group advises legally on behalf of the organization.
Cybrswype’s vision of being the leader of Retail and B2B transactions in the Blockchain powered commerce is phenomenal. The unique specialty of Cybrswype B2B is it is a direct method to exchange real items using cryptocurrency. In today’s world with the technology now available, the service does exist through the technology of Cybrswype.  
If you search “Buy oil (or any other commodity) with crypto” you will get articles not companies with services to provide. Cybrswype is special as it is an anonymous and peer-to-peer transaction. Why is this important? In today’s world, trust has been guaranteed by institutions of the likes of banks, governments, or fiduciaries. The reason crypto is ideal is that it prevents regulating authorities from having oversight and being a part of the transaction, among many other attributes. This is a primary reason no one can effectively exchange the assets for crypto. It is hard to evoke trust when there is no entity watching it. This all changed with Cybrswype.
There is no more need for oversight with Blockchain, and with Cybrswype, buyers and sellers may still operate their exports and imports regardless of currency or political instabilities as seen all throughout the world.
When using Cybrswype, a seller has to invite a buyer to their contract. Once this is completed, the buyer has to prove they have the funds available by sending them to Cybrswype in a sort of “holding account”; this is the initial funding of a contract. The seller now knows the buyer has the money and earnest intent. The seller then can provide pdfs, images, and other documents such as but not limited to: contracts, shipping terms, legal papers and more to ensure the buyer that the asset is up to code with certain specs and or shipping regulations. Once the buyer receives that package (electronically) through our platform plugins, the buyer can then approve their already sent funds, which get released from holding accounts and go directly to the seller. The Seller can then in turn buy or transfer the crypto into dollars, other crypto, or other assets.
In theory at the critical mass of the network, there will be hundreds of thousands of vendors selling: cocoa, gold, platinum, jewelry, boats, cars, houses, land; and this is the primary reason why Cybrswype is so special. The ability for a company or person’s equity in an asset can now be fluid with the services provided by Cybrswype.
On Cybrswype B2B, built on the forefront of Ethereum technology, someone can sell their one asset and receive a major validated cryptocurrency, subsequently buy another asset, and effectively trade their equity “on the fly.”  One can go from gold to land to oil in one day. Cybrswype is convenient because there is no fluff. It is a tool, an abstract utility and it fits this mold the same way any current fiat transfer tools work. If you can wire someone money from a bank account you can use Cybrswype, it is that simple.
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