Mayoral Candidate for Atlanta wants Recount


Atlanta voters gave a split decision to the Mayoral vote. Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms ultimately won by a slim margin. She was trailed by Mary Norwood, an independent candidate. The latter candidate subsequently asked for a recount as Bottoms started celebrating her victory. Votes had earlier given in large quantities to this race. The finish was nail-bitingly close. For Norwood, asking for a recount is not new to her. She had earlier asked for a recount during the 2009 Atlanta Mayoral race as well. The result confirmed that she had lost the election by a small margin.

State voting system

Georgia has a majority rule system with a voting runoff.  The system implies that if no candidate secures 50 percent and above votes during a general election, a final race could be held between the two candidates who have received the maximum number of votes. The candidate who gets more votes becomes the winner. The Atlanta election saw Bottoms get 26 percent of the vote. Norwood got 21 percent. The two emerged as the runoff candidates from a total of 11 hopefuls.

Norwood told her supporters an unofficial figure when it comes to the number of votes she got during the election. She told them that she is waiting for updates on this vote. The updates will be published in the latter days of the first week of December. Norwood told her supporters that the election is not yet over.

Bottoms, in the meantime, gave a celebratory speech sitting alongside Mayor Kasim Reed. The latter backed her bid for the mayorship. The election is a non-partisan race to succeed Reed. The latter cannot compete again due to term limitations.

Norwood, Reed, and Bottoms

If Norwood wins by the recount in Atlanta, the city would see a white mayor after about 40 years. The southern United States city is slowly gentrifying, and in the process, losing its African-American population. The African-Americans, although they continue to be a majority, for now, have lost many due to relocation to other metropolises.

Reed, the present Atlanta Mayor, has endorsed Bottoms prior to the election. The two shares a number of positions in their respective careers.  Reed's mayoral tenure became one of the important factors in the election race. Norwood, during the final debate, tried to cast the support of Reed to her competitor as a negative one. She wanted to enmesh Bottoms to many of Reed's controversial aspects. This includes the Atlanta City Hall bribery investigation.

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