McCain: Russian hacks derail democracy

Senator John McCain, chairperson of Senate Armed Services Committee, said that the hacking of the United States presidential elections by Russia has the potential to destroy democracy. He also alleged that the response by the United States in this matter can only be described as “totally paralyzed”. He asked for a select committee to investigate findings made by CIA to investigate whether Democrats’ emails were hacked by the Russians. It is no secret that Vladimir Putin, the Russian premier, had always wanted Trump to win the White House.

Pushing the committee

Calls by McCain to investigate have been rejected until now by Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, and Mitch McConnell, the Majority leader of the Senate. The former has given his support to the investigations but prefers them to be conducted via the pre-existing House and Senate committees.

McCain is not taking the rejection of his proposed measure lying down. He has exerted increasing pressure on McConnell. He even sent a letter on December 18 requesting him to permit a select committee of the Senate to probe hacking activities done by Russia. In his letter he wrote that Cyber is a broad challenge which is impossible by Congress to tackle due to its jurisdictional challenges. It is impossible to provide an adequate legislative action and sufficient oversight.

In his interview with Jake Tappen on CNN, McCain said that the peaceful state of the world post the Second World War has started to unravel due to inept US leadership. He said that if the United States does not lead the world, other people will do so- and these people will be bad.

Russia hacks

McCain continued on to say that the challenge of Cyber can only be solved by a cross-jurisdictional and time limited select committee. The committee should also be driven by purpose. In his letter to Senators on both sides of the political divide, he said that the justification of the proposed investigation can be equaled by the large scale and huge scope of cyber problem.

The CNN interview saw McCain speaking about Russian hacking. He also included mentioning the seizure of an American underwater drone by China and the slaughter done by the Syrian Government of Aleppo’s citizens. The Republican also took a swipe at President Barack Obama. The President made a statement that he has personally asked Vladimir Putin, the Russian President to desist from such activities. McCain said that a select committee is needed to find out what exactly happened.

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