McConnell Questions Trump Presidency

Senator Mitch McConnell and President Trump are not the best of buddies and this is not news for anyone. The two have been at loggerheads for a while now and this is quite a well-known fact. The relationship between the President and the majority leader has worsened to such an extent that the direct interaction between them is practically non-existent, say sources. Now, the rift seems to be widening much further with McConnell raising doubts if the President will be able to keep his administration intact after the series of problems that have been plaguing him, many of them self- made.

McConnell in support of Republican senators

One of the most recent clashes happened when President Trump lashed out at Republican Senators who don't support him on key issues. The President warned that he would actively oppose any such Senators. This prompted McConnell to back the Senators and take a clear stance against Trump. This has only served to further create antagonism between the two, with opposing lines being clearly drawn now.

The impact of the rift will be felt

For the Republicans, a rift between their President and the majority leader is never good news but it is perhaps worse now because of the timing of the whole thing. The party is facing a crisis of sorts as they have some key deadlines to meet now. One of the biggest challenges they are facing now is the need to increase the statutory government borrowing limits. In addition, they will need to push the spending measures through and also make good on bringing in a whole new tax code as was promised during the election campaign. These are all very critical issues that can put a crimp in the government's ability to carry out its work in the near future and they have to be done on a war footing. Any kind of power struggle at the Oval Office will not help at all at this juncture.

An official spokesman for McConnell has reiterated that he and Trump continue to have some shared goals. However, it is also publicly known that McConnell feels that Trump has no understanding of the governing process. While maintaining decorum in public speeches, McConnell is known to have expressed some clear doubts that Trump will be in a position to lead the party at the next elections.

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