McDonald’s Plans to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions


McDonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD) announced that it plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and fight against climate change.

According to the restaurant chain, it will add LED lights and more efficient kitchen equipment to cut emissions. The company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36%, and to prevent 150 million tonnes of gas, which is the equivalent of taking 32 million cars off the road for a year, from being released by 2030 from 2015 levels.

The company said that it will focus on the segments that contribute most to the emissions. Segments including beef production, restaurant energy usage and sourcing, packaging and waste account for around 64% of the company’s global greenhouse gas emissions.

“We believe this will drive growth and drive our business,” said Francesca DeBiase, the chief supply chain and sustainability officer of the company. “These are expectations that our customers have.” She also said that they will cut energy costs, and meeting these targets will not cost extra money beyond normal upgrades.

“To meet this goal, we will source our food responsibly, promote renewable energy and use it efficiently, and reduce waste and increase recycling,” said Steve Easterbrook, the Chief Executive of McDonald’s. “We’re not expecting any substantial shift in business financials either at the corporate or restaurant level.”

The program of McDonald’s was approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, a collaboration between the World Resources Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, CDP, and the United Nations Global Compact, according to a report.

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