McDonald’s Will Offer Fresh Beef in Burgers


As part of changes at McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD), the company will offer fresh beef in burgers, and by the end of June, the burgers will be sold at most of the 14,000 U.S. restaurants of McDonald's. This move follows other burger chains that use fresh ingredients in their burgers.

On Tuesday, the company said that it has already brought fresh beef Quarter Pounder patties to around 3,500 domestic restaurants. However, locations in Hawaii and Alaska are not included in this plan.

Before finally launching the plan, McDonald's has been working on fresh beef launch for over 4 years. The fresh beef was tested in over 400 restaurants in Texas and Oklahoma, and the company received 90% satisfaction rating as well as 90 % intent to repurchase rate.

One of the considerations is that many people fear that adding fresh beef would slow down productivity and create food safety risks. “If it slows down the drive-through, that's the critical part of our business. And so we just had to spend a lot of time really making sure that as we were cooking only when someone ordered, we'd figured out a way to do it that wasn't going to slow down service time,” said Chris Kempczinski, the US president of McDonald's.

“We will watch what happens in the US and see if this innovation is something we should consider in the UK,” said McDonald's UK business. “Our patties are made from 100% British and Irish beef with nothing added aside from a little salt and pepper after cooking.”

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