McDonald’s to Phase Out Plastic Happy Meal Toys

McDonald’s to Phase Out Plastic Happy Meal Toys

Mcdonald’s (NYSE: MCD) revealed Tuesday that it will be greatly reducing the use of plastics in its Happy Meal toys globally. The new toys are set to be made primarily of corn and other materials instead of fossil fuel-based plastic. The change has already commenced in several international locations, and is anticipated to be complete worldwide by 2025.

“Making our toys out of renewable, recycled, or certified materials will result in about a 90% reduction of fossil fuel-based plastic in Happy Meal toys [compared with 2018],” the company said as it announced the plan Tuesday.

According to the company, the move will be equivalent to over 650,000 people not using any plastic for a year. Within the past decade the company has incorporated small changes to make the happy meal healthier for its customers. This is the latest commitment in the company’s quest to improve the Happy Meal Program.

Following intense backlash in the United Kingdom regarding environmental concerns two years ago, the company will no longer have non-recycled or nonrenewable plastic toys in the UK or Ireland. Nevertheless, Jenny McColloch, McDonald’s chief sustainability officer, highlighted that the company has been making changes even before 2019.

“We’ve had innovation in our toys for quite some time,” she said, adding that in some cases the company “started introducing some of these more sustainable materials” as early as 2018. “That said, we’re always listening to our customers and our families, and understanding where we can do better,” she added.

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