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Medicare D Emerges as a Hero for Seniors in a New Poll

Old Lady, Retire, HealthcareSince the rolling out of the Affordable Care Act by the President last year, there has been controversy on whether it would be a success or not. A recent report by Rasmussen revealed that Obamacare has got a favorable support from only 39 percent Americans whereas 57 percent do not support it.

Although these numbers are not big, more than 10 million people in the country were recently insured (2014) and out of them around 9 million got private insurance via exchanges. Taking this into consideration, the continued debate over the success of the health law between the Republicans and Democrats is justified. This is expected to go on until the midterms particularly because President Obama was recently sued by the Republicans for not honestly implementing various aspects of the Obamacare. In the midst of all this, only a single aspect of the health law remains an unquestionable success, a policy predating the Obacare efforts: Medicare Part D.

Survey results

A recent survey involving seniors of the age 65 and above was conducted in which 86 percent participants expressed satisfaction with regards to their Medicare Part D health insurance coverage for prescription drugs.

This percentage of people voting favorably for Medicare Part D at a time where almost no politician or policy gets more than 50 percent support from people is rather astounding. Also, when one goes deeper into the survey results, there is more clarity on why Medicare Part D is such an important aspect of the health law and needs to be kept intact.

86 percent of the seniors were reported saying that the co-pays related to their Part D are affordable and 85 percent believe the same to be true for their ‘per month’ premiums. 67 percent of the seniors feel that they would not be able to pack all the prescription given by their doctors in the absence of Part D. Also, 68 percent believe that they are doing better today than they were before they had Part D coverage.

Medicare chairperson not happy with policymakers efforts

The chairperson of Medicare, Mary R. Grealy is of the opinion that the recent survey underscores the importance of caution and care to be taken in altering Medicare Part D, which could ultimately hinder the success of the program.

Grealy further added that it is crucial for policymakers to be well-informed before they make any changes to Medicare Part D, which has become of the most successful schemes of the federal government.

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