Meet The Team Behind Trump

After facing a series of controversies, Republican candidate, Donald Trump has re-shuffled his campaign team once again. With less than 3 months left for the election, this could be seen as a risky move as this is Trump’s second major overhaul in less than two months.

Trump has elected Stephen Bannon, a Breitbart News executive chairman, and promoted Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager. The change also comes in the wake of Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton, leading him by over 7 percentage points in the polls.. Let’s take a closer look at what is happening in the Trump camp as the elections get closer. 

Bannon joins the campaign as Trump’s campaign CEO and is temporarily stepping down as executive chairman of Breitbart News. The publication has always been a big supporter of Trump and his views. The change reflects on Trump’s comments earlier this week, where he claimed he was boxed in by people who barely knew him.

The hiring of Bannon suggests that Trump is set to get back to what made him popular in the beginning of his campaign under former manager Corey Lewandowski. Bannon is a former naval officer and investment banker, who took over Breitbart News after the founding chairman died in 2012. Bannon has led the publication on a pro-Trump run that has landed him a fair bit of criticism from experts including former editor, Ben Shapiro. 

Conway is a 49 year old Republican strategist that has won awards for her ability to predict the outcome of elections. She has acted as Trump’s adviser and pollster before, along with running mate Mike Pence. Previously, she worked for a super PAC that supported Ted Cruz, Trump’s former competitor in the primaries.

Conway is renowned for her expertise on the gender gap and her extensive knowledge on female voters. Her career has spanned over years as she has helped Republican  candidates cater to female voters better through her company WomanTrend or The Polling Company. 

Manafort is set to retain his title as the campaign chairman, but will likely play a smaller role. There have been various scandals surrounding his involvement in Russian politics and other foreign governments. This also includes working for former Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych.

He was named campaign chairman in June after the departure of Corey Lewandowski and is said to have urged Trump to take the conventional campaign approach instead of Trump’s original spontaneous approach.

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