Mercedes Expands U.S. and Chinese Electric Car Markets

Mercedes is looking to expand their electric car investments in both the U.S. and in China where the GLE, GLS SUV models, and GLE coupe is built at a factory near Tuscaloosa, Alabama and announced that they will spend $1.3 billion to expand that facility already building 310,000 vehicles last year. The company wants to further invest $1 billion to make that site ready to build electric cars and to build a battery factory nearby starting next year where the start of production will begin in 2020 creating 600 new jobs in the area.

Electric cars will be manufactured and sold under the EQ brand starting in 2021 and the Model Y will be on sale by 2020. The first electric SUV called the EQC will also begin its production in Bremen, Germany in 2019. Mercedes aims to have all of their cars with an electric motor by 2022 while the company partners with China’s electric car sales leader, BYD to expand their partnership with electric cars for the Chinese market. 50,000 electric vehicles have already been delivered this year while General Motors only delivered less than 1,000.

China has been trying their best to convert their automobiles to electric ones by 2030 and has the most rigorous electric vehicle system in the world. The country’s new car market totals to about 25 million vehicles a year.

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