Messi Retirement May Not be Final

Argentinian forward and FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi announced a shock retirement from international duties after his team’s loss in the final of the Copa America cup against arch rivals Chile.

The news has sent shock waves across the sporting world. Lionel Messi is one of Argentina’s most prolific goal scorer, with 55 scores in 113 appearances.

Speaking about his retirement he said, he did everything he could to win the final so not winning was too painful. He wanted to win the cup badly but couldn’t do it. That is why he had decided to leave international football.

Why Messi is likely to take back his resignation

He said that probably it was best that he leave, for himself and for others. Messi has scored five times in the Copa America so far, including a spectacular free kick against hosts the USA in the semi final.

But it may not be the end of the road for the little genius. If Messi came back after announcing that he had retired, it would not be the first time that it has happened. In fact, it happens quite regularly.

In April, UFC star Conor McGregor had announced that he was leaving the UFC but changed his decision. This month, the UFC gave him a rematch with Nate Diaz. Messi may be doing something of that sort.

Resigning may be Messi’s way of forcing change in Argentinian football

Sometime earlier, he expressed displeasure with how things were going at the Argentinian Football Association. Considering that the Argentinian national team is incomplete without Messi, many say that this may be Messi’s way of trying to wring out change in Argentinian football.

It is also true that when athletes say they are retiring today, it is not only because they are slowing down or they are suffering from persistent injuries. There are many other considerations. Take the case of some players who left the NFL in the recent past.

D’Brickashaw Ferguson left the NFL because he was concerned about concussions. Calvin Johnson left because he did not want to do the grind anymore. Marshawn Lynch left because he wanted to run his clothing line and already had a slew of endorsements.

Moreover, this is not a good time for Messi to leave. At the rate Argentina is going, it has a good chance of making it to the next world cup final when the tournament kicks off two years from now in Russia. Will Messi be able to resist the temptation to go back to the national team and help his team lift 

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