Michelle Obama Comes Out in Support of Hillary Clinton

First lady, Michelle Obama, has always been reluctant about playing a role in politics. However, with the 2016 elections coming up and Donald Trump campaigning on the Republican side, Mrs. Obama feels the need to make herself heard.

She supported Hillary a year ago and has, once again, taken up the role of a powerful surrogate.

In her recent speech at Hillary’s campaign in Arizona, the first lady had a lot to say.

One of the first things she spoke of was the conspiracy theories on election rigging. She pointed out that it was just an effort by the opposing side to keep voters from voting. She added that the other team was bent upon convincing people that their vote wouldn’t matter and by doing so, they were taking away the hope that people have.

Adding to that, the first lady also credited Hillary as a person with a clear vision. She told the people gathered that one candidate (referring to Trump) was offering a vision of despair and no hope; a vision that involves fear based rule and division, where some get ahead, while the others get left behind. On the other hand, there is the other candidate (Hillary,) who has a completely different vision for the country.

Mrs. Obama pointed out that hurtful and hateful rhetoric was causing Americans to feel hopeless.

More Support for Hillary

The first lady praised Clinton for offering a vision for America that was positive and powerful. She added that Hillary’s campaign reminded her of hope.

Not surprisingly, the first lady’s speech was met with cheer. She continued by defining hope as a belief that we, as people, can do better, for us and for our children. That even the darkest of periods will be overcome by brighter times. She added that if people are willing to work and fight for hope, they could have it.

There’s Hope for Hillary

Arizona has always been a state that supported Republicans and Hillary wasn’t expected to make much of an impact there. However, a recent poll suggests otherwise. With Clinton’s campaign being supported by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama, there seems to be a possibility that Arizona might turn out to be a swing state.

The poll, which was conducted by The Arizona Republic, Cronkite News, and the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, shows Trump trailing Clinton by 5.1 points. Interestingly, the “terror margin” set by the poll is 4.9 points.

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