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The “MicroLED
Market Opportunities: 2018-2027” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s

The main objective of this report is to analyze and forecast the
commercial potential of the MicroLED market. In this report, we also
provide strategic analysis of the key players in the micro-LED industry
which include large global consumer electronics producers, major
equipment and materials suppliers, national laboratories and
universities and an array of small start-ups.

Markets and Applications

In this report, we provide coverage of the following primary
applications for micro-LED chips:

As part of this analysis detailed (volume and value) ten-year forecasts
for the MicroLED market with breakout by applications are included, the
focus of these forecasts centers on displays for consumer products. We
also compare micro-LED technology and associated products performance
with the closest competitors in the marketplaceLCD and OLED products.

We briefly review non-display applications of micro-LEDs, i.e.,
lighting, lithography, LiFi, medical and others, including advantages
and challenges in the micro-LED approach for specific applications, and
provide rough market estimations.

Manufacturing: A significant portion of the report is dedicated to
micro-LED manufacturingmass transfer and assembly of micro-LED dies on
display substrates. We review all technical approaches to develop the
solution by dozens of companies and provide guidance on their likely
success and expected outcome. We also briefly touch on color conversion
schemes and materials, especially quantum dots, and their integration
with monolithic micro-LED fabrication scheme.

In addition, there is coverage of substrate materials producers
(sapphire or silicon wafers), MOCVD epi-layers deposition equipment
companies, micro-LED chip fabricators, mass transfer equipment
developers, quantum dot companies, testing equipment suppliers, panel
makers and OEMs.

Geographical coverage: This report is international in scope. The
forecasts here are worldwide forecasts and we have not been
geographically selective in the firms that we have covered in this
report or interviewed in order to collect information.

Companies Featured

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