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Microsoft and Nuance Report Integration of dragon Ambient eXperience and Microsoft Teams for Virtual Telehealth Consults

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Nuance Communications Inc. reported Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience, an ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution is now integrated into Microsoft Teams that focus at increasing physician wellness and providing better patient health outcomes.  The integration will enable physicians to activate Nuance DAX from their Microsoft Teams workflows to focus on the patient while the AI captures details of the virtual visit in context which will create clinical documentation that writes itself. 

Integrating Nuance DAX and Microsoft Teams for telehealth is one component of the ongoing strategic partnership to accelerate the adoption of ACI solutions to improve healthcare experiences by reducing administrative workloads that lead to physician burnout.  The telehealth workflow solution built on Microsoft Teams synthesizes physician patient conversations during virtual visits which allows physicians to continue to focus on the patient instead of taking notes immediately.  It also incorporates patient data with contextual information from the electronic health record (EHR) to populate a completely and accurate clinical note for physicians to review directly in the patient’s medical record as the physician always retains control. 

“The dramatic growth of telehealth represents a unique opportunity to use Nuance DAX ambient clinical intelligence technology to transform healthcare experiences and define what healthcare providers and consumers should expect from advanced digital health solutions,” said Diana Nole, executive vice president, and general manager of healthcare, Nuance. “Our strategic partnership with Microsoft, which led to this rapid integration of Nuance DAX with Microsoft Teams for telehealth, illustrates the ongoing importance of combining our technologies, domain expertise and market reach to develop advanced cloud-based conversational AI solutions that keep the health of clinicians and patients front and center in healthcare delivery.”

“Telehealth has grown in just a few months from being an infrequently used, specialized solution prior to the pandemic to becoming core to how we deliver care today and in the future. The integrated Nuance-Microsoft Teams solution will be game-changer for our clinicians and patients alike,” said Dr. William Silver, medical director, Triangle Region EmergeOrtho. “This integration brings us the ease of use, reliability and security of the Microsoft Teams platform for healthcare, and the ability to automatically capture and document patient-physician encounters with Nuance DAX to significantly ease the burden of clinical documentation.”

“Through our strategic partnership with Nuance, we are combining the best in Nuance’s conversational AI technology with Microsoft Teams, Azure and Azure AI to accelerate and scale the development and adoption of innovative solutions that emphasize the essential and personal aspect of quality healthcare between a physician and patient,” said Gregory Moore, M.D., Ph.D., corporate vice president, Microsoft Health. “This important milestone and the integration of Microsoft Teams within the Nuance DAX solution will empower front-line care providers to positively transform the patient care experience.”

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