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Microsoft and the ODI Report Education Open Data Challenge

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the Open Data Institute reported launch of an Education Open Data Challenge to highlight the relationship between broadband access and youth education from ages 5 to 18 years of age.  The Education Open Data Challenge will aid educators and research organizations understand potential long term impact the ongoing disruption to traditional learning will have on the world’s most vulnerable learners. 

Teams are encouraged to participate in the challenge to generate innovative solutions for k-12 education.  The winners will be invited to elect a non-profit organization of choice to receive a £50,000 award as the runners up will elect a non-profit organization to receive £30,000 and £20,000 awards.

“As students around the world increasingly rely on technology and connectivity to succeed in school, we must find ways to allow every student, everywhere, to succeed. Combining datasets in new ways can help unlock solutions to expand equitable and robust access to broadband,” said Jennifer Yokoyama, Microsoft Vice President and Chief IP Counsel. “We’re excited to join in the launch of this Education Open Data Challenge to help close the digital divide and level the playing field for students around the world.”

“Organizations like Microsoft and BroadbandNow possess a wealth of interesting data that can be used to provide insights and support decision-makers in the education sector and beyond, especially as they face unprecedented challenges. This Challenge will stimulate the exploration of innovative uses for this data, outside the boundaries of the organizations that hold it,” said Jeni Tennison, Vice President & Chief Strategy Adviser of the ODI. “The ODI is here to help organizations that want to ensure the data they hold brings the most value to the sectors, communities and societies they work in.”

Teams will have four months to complete the challenge from the opening date.  Teams interested in participating can learn more and register here.