Microsoft Closes Acquisition of Github

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has officially closed a USD 7.5 billion deal to acquire code-sharing platform Github. The Company had previously announced the plan to acquire Github in June of 2018. After this acquisition. It would continue to run as an independent platform and business.

Nat Friedman, the previous CEO of Xamarin, will be the new CEO of the Company on Monday. The founder of Github, Chris Wanstrath, will work on strategic software initiatives for Microsoft. Friedman wrote in a letter, “We will always support developers in their choice of any language, license, tool, platform, or cloud…We will continue to build tasteful, snappy, polished tools that developers love.” This suggests Microsoft will continue to support previous projects and incorporate Github’s philosophies and ideas. He noted that Paper Cuts, a project launched in August will be invested in and further developed. Github would be able to find workarounds, or the project will become a feedback forum to make decisions on what to upgrade next on the site.

After the deal was announced, Github has gained more than 3 million developers. This deal was an attempt to diminish competition with rival competitors like Gitlab and Bitbucket. Microsoft also owns other businesses like Azure which relies on neutrality between platforms.

  1. Norman Gabriel 12 months ago

    $msft is not showing any slowdown in growth !! they beat revenue est. by a BILLION dollars

  2. Sean Sullivan 12 months ago

    Git Hub is a fantastic pickup by $MSFT. Congratulations to both sides.

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