Microsoft Introduces AI Services

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) pre-built services called AI Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) were unveiled today for developers to make it easier for businesses to build chatbots as well as other services that uses language understanding. The Bot Engine provides companies with a service that can be used to build intelligent automated conversation partners while LUIS allows customers to create intelligent engines that analyzes written text into another form that other applications can use. These two services can help customers take advantage of AI technology without relying on expensive domain experts.

Already, there are 760,000 developers that uses these services and marks a great footing into the AI sector as Microsoft competes with rivals, Amazon and Google Cloud. Additionally, a new project was launched aiming to create bots to work in health care environments. Microsoft is also working with partners like Aurora Healthcare and Premera Blue Cross to create more bots using the systems and already opened applications for other medical providers to test. New features were also unveiled for Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite, Bing search engine, and Cortana virtual assistant.

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