Microsoft Launches New Version of Skype for Free

Skype has been one of the most prevailing forms of video calling platforms. Skype has also been one of the longest and ongoing operating system application that allows its users to use the service for the best internet video calling. Skype has been the undisputed champion as a software, and has also been one of the most shining and successful part of the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) organization.

The video calling application has faced a lot of challenge in the recent past from Google and Apple, but has come out unscathed, and is still pretty much leading the pack in terms of popularity and usage.

Skype tales

Skype, as an application is a paid subscription that is part of the Microsoft operating system that is installed in any users computer system. Skype had launched a beta version of the application a little over a year ago in order to test the recently launched Skype free software.

As part of Skype’s business plan, the application owned by Microsoft had also launched a successful run of Skype for business’ which was the business based application version of the regular Skype. Skype for Business was aimed at outdoing competition from many video conferencing software such as ‘GoToMeeting’.

GoToMeeting was amongst the leaders of video conferencing that allowed you to dial in via a cellular network as well. However, Skype for Business has inculcated the cellular usage factor into Skype for Business, and has also extended the number of users for the video conferencing call than that of GoToMeeting.

Skype has been taking a good advantage of the cloud based system that is at Microsoft’s disposal, in order to simultaneously create web based platforms for the Skype calls as well. This has contributed greatly in Microsoft’s favor, who claim that the cloud system purchase last year was crucial and highly beneficial for the organization.

The free app

Skype has also recently launched an online web based platform for the use of skype, which will be available to users free of cost. The launch was made, however, users will only be able to use the web based application to its best use in a couple of months.

The web based application is based on the tested beta version, and will borrow a lot of its learnings from the Skype for Business model. The free app is aimed at serving small businesses by allowing free usage of up to 10 people for 60 days, beyond which the user limit will reduce to 3 users at a time.

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