Microsoft Partner with Board Institute and Verily to Accelerate Next-Gen Terra Platform | Financial Buzz Microsoft Partner with Board Institute and Verily to Accelerate Next-Gen Terra Platform

Microsoft Partner with Board Institute and Verily to Accelerate Next-Gen Terra Platform

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Verily and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate innovations in biomedicine through the Terra platform.  Terra is a scalable, secure open-source platform for biomedical researchers to access data, to collaborate and run analysis tools.  It is used by thousands of researchers to analyze data from millions of participants in scientific research projects.  The partnership is focused on utilizing Microsoft’s cloud, AI technologies, data and global network of health and life sciences partners to push development of global biomedical research via the Terra platform and provide more access and empower the open-source community.  The partnership will advance abilities of data scientists, clinician and biomedical researchers around the world in complex and widespread diseases society faces today.  “The opportunity to partner with the Broad Institute and Verily in helping researchers around the world understand and treat our toughest human diseases is an honor,” said Gregory Moore, M.D., Ph.D., corporate vice president of Microsoft Health Next. “Through this partnership, we will apply the power of Microsoft Azure and its enterprise-grade capabilities in security and privacy, along with cutting-edge data and AI solutions like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, to deliver on the vision of the Terra platform at a new level of scale.”

“Terra simplifies the process so researchers can analyze and share data they have generated, and access and analyze data others have made available without needing to duplicate datasets,” said Eric S. Lander, president and founding director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. “As an interoperable, open-source system, Terra is designed to work across many different types of biomedical information — moving aside barriers to storage, permissions and computing to enable collaboration and generate insights. We are thrilled that Microsoft has joined the Terra community and, through this collaboration, we will reduce many more barriers to advancing science and medicine.”

“Both Microsoft and Verily share our vision for Terra as an open and collaborative ecosystem for the sharing and analysis of biomedical data,” said Clare Bernard, senior director of the Broad Institute Data Sciences Platform and product manager of the Terra platform. “This partnership will allow us to make Terra even more useful and accessible across a broader set of researchers and industries.”