Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Featuring ‘Mixed Reality’

On Friday, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced that they are to update their flagship operating system so that the latest Windows 10 hardware devices as well as software can feature augmented and virtual reality. This will be the fourth update for the software upgrade and will be offered starting on October 17 to existing customers of Windows 10 that is running on more than 500 million devices.

The company is also looking to introduce new hardware made by computer and virtual reality headset makers for video gamers, consumers, and businesses to take advantage of “mixed reality” features in the upcoming software release. This feature encompasses augmented reality which will overlay text or graphics on real life objects and virtual reality will simulate the real world. Multimedia content can also be viewed on computers, smartphones, tablets, TV displays, or even virtual reality goggles. These features will mainly be aimed first at advanced video gamers using VR headsets.

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