Mike Pence Obamacare repeal Speech draws Protestors


President Trump has made no bones about his opinion on the Affordable Care Cat or Obamacare as it is widely known. Through his campaign and later, as President, Trump has made it clear that he feels Obamacare has to go. Last week, a proposal for the Republican healthcare plan that will replace the ACA made the news but not many Americans were happy about the proposed changes. Many analysts also predicted that a good number of older Americans would feel the impact of the change and not in a very good way. This has led to some far spread protests about the proposed healthcare plans and Republicans are feeling the heat.

Mike Pence attracts protestors in Louisville

When Vice President Mike Pence stopped over in Louisville, Kentucky to do a quick meet and greet, hundreds of protestors took this opportunity to make their lack of enthusiasm for the new plan felt rather clearly. Interestingly, Pence’s audience was invite- only.

The Vice President was greeted by more than 600 protestors as he made his way to the Harshaw Trane facility where he gave a speech wherein he supported the new healthcare plan and criticized Obamacare. The rally protest is one of many organized by Indivisible Kentucky which has been organizing several such rallies in the area.

Kentucky Governor backs Pence

Matt Bevin who is the Governor of Kentucky made it very clear that he stood with Mike Pence and supported the new health care proposal. He criticized Obamacare, described it as a ‘disaster’ and stated that it had ‘failed’ the residents of Kentucky and this it must be repealed.

Governor Bevin has been quick to discard rumors of disagreement within the Republican Party on the subject of the healthcare policy. In what may be seen as a twist in the tale, Kentucky’s U.S. Senator Rand Paul is not completely on board with the proposed health care plan.

An interesting point raised by the protestors is that some states may have more to lose, significantly, than others if Obamacare is repealed and Trump’s healthcare comes into force in its place. In areas like Kentucky where opioid abuse is dramatically high when compared with other locations, the removal of the substance abuse coverage and mental health coverage will make a drastic impact. Here, Obamacare actually brought many under the insurance umbrella and these thousands of Kentucky residents now stand to lose this, once the new laws come into force.

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