Missouri Senator Apologizes for FB Post About Trump Assassination

The Charlottesville violence appears to have left some lasting scars which will take a while to heal. Meanwhile, it is not only Trump who has been called to explain about comments that have a relation to the tragic event. The Democratic state senator in Missouri is now facing the ire of her own party members as well as the common public for an ill-advised post on her social media page about wishing that the President were assassinated. She has now apologized for her comment.

'It was a mistake', says senator    

State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal had posted criticism of Donald Trump's comments post the violent incident. Trump's comments received a lot of flak because they were seen as being unnecessarily mild and deliberately evasive about aggression by white supremacists. Mainly, his talk of 'both sides being to blame' brought in a  lot of criticism. A number of people, both from the Democratic Party as well as his own, asked for a stronger rebuke and condemnation of the event, mentioning the perpetrators in particular.

State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal was one of the people unhappy with Trump's statement post the incident and she took to her social media page on Facebook to share the frustration. While the post itself did not contain any controversial elements, she later responded to a comment on her post with a statement indicating her wish that Trump would be assassinated. This led to severe criticism from many quarters including her own Democratic party offices. Democrats in Missouri, namely Stephen Webber (Missouri Party Chair) and Sen. Claire McCaskill called for her to resign for making these irresponsible and objectionable comments. They have also mentioned that if she does not resign of her own volition, there may be other ways to force a step-down and these may be explored.

Will not step down, says senator

The state senator issued a public apology for her ill-thought out comments on Sunday and said that it was a 'mistake' that she will never repeat. The comment has already been deleted. She was speaking at a press conference that was also streamed live on the Facebook page of a local media channel. Although the senator's page, where she posted the comment, is not open to the public, the Secret Service’s St. Louis field office has been asked to take up an investigation into the post.

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