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MONAT Gratitude Pledges $1M to Close Education Achievement Gaps Across the Globe

MONAT Gratitude, a South Florida-based nonprofit, announced Saturday that it will donate $1 million over the next year to help narrow the achievement gap in underserved communities around the world. Funds will be distributed through grants to eligible nonprofit organizations across the country to allow them to create and execute transformational projects that support and nurture youth education, recreation, and culture.

“We believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore their talents and achieve their full potential,” said Lu Urdaneta, Founder and CEO of MONAT Gratitude. “We are proud to expand our efforts through this program and hope these grants will open the door to brighter futures for thousands of talented young people around the world. We can’t wait to see what they achieve!”

MONAT Gratitude’s grants will support new and existing K-12 programs that provide arts, music, sports or entrepreneurship opportunities to help students grow into knowledgeable, well-rounded adults. This program was inspired by the organization’s mission to provide a better quality of life for children and families while advancing opportunities that foster academic achievement across the globe.

The organization awarded the first three $10,000 grants last week during MONAT Global’s annual MONATions Convention in Atlanta to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, the Atlanta Music Project, and Soccer in the Streets. MONAT Gratitude staff and volunteers performed a service project with each organization in the communities they serve.

Nonprofits can learn more and apply for a grant starting at the end of September through MONAT Gratitude’s website.

About MONAT Gratitude, Inc.

Gratitude has been an integral piece of the MONAT company culture since its inception in 2014. MONAT Gratitude, Inc. (hereinafter, “MONAT Gratitude”), is a Florida registered non-profit organization, exempt from taxation, pursuant to the provisions under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MONAT Gratitude partners with innovative nonprofit organizations in its local communities that support efforts under its three pillars: families, children, and education. As a movement, MONAT Gratitude believes in the power of creating conversations and inspiring a greater network to take action. Due to the passion of our MONAT Market Partners and commitment to making gratitude a part of our business, what started as a series of grassroots volunteering efforts in Miami, Florida has spread across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Poland and Ireland.


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