Morgan Stanley Claims Performance of Nvidia’s New Gaming Card is Below Expectations

Nvidia Corporation (NYSE: NVDA) shares fell on Thursday after Morgan Stanley said the gaming performance of the Company’s new graphics card is disappointing, according to CNBC.

“As review embargos broke for the new gaming products, performance improvements in older games is not the leap we had initially hoped for,” Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore said in a note to clients on Thursday, according to CNBC, “Performance boost on older games that do not incorporate advanced features is somewhat below our initial expectations, and review recommendations are mixed given higher price points.”

In August, Nvidia introduced the GeForce RTX series of gaming processors, including the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070 GPUs. They are based on the Company’s new Turing architecture, packed with new features that will deliver 4K HDR gaming at 60 frames per second on the most advanced titles.

Moore said new GTX 2080 card performed only 3% better than the previous generation’s 1080Ti card at 4K resolutions.

Nvidia shares fell 1.8% to USD 267.14 in the early trading on Thursday. The stock was up about 40% this year. The analyst reiterated his rating on the stock at overweight with a price target of USD 273.

“We are surprised that the 2080 is only slightly better than the 1080ti, which has been available for over a year and is slightly less expensive,” Moore said.

  1. Walt Newman 1 year ago

    $NVDA sellers flooding at $266

  2. Pete Hustle 1 year ago

    I picked a few shares up of $NVDA after hours. Easy enough to add more, if prices falls or stop out with a small loss.

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