Most Americans Want the Presidential Election to End Quickly

Most Americans are tired from the rancorous and bitterly fought presidential election in 2016 and want it to end as they want to move to a different cycle. The majority respondents to multiple surveys have found the experience stressful and can’t wait for it to end so that a new President is elected at the earliest.

A resounding number of Americans that translates to 81% of voters have wished that the election were over in a YouGov poll while only 12% of the respondents said that were happy to watch how things played out. 34% have found the following the election campaign very stressful and 59% felt there was too much discussion regarding the same.  Most polls have predicted a comfortable victory for Democrat and former U.S. Secretary of State and First lady Hillary Clinton although the reopening of FBI investigations into the Hillary email fiasco had buoyed Trump’s campaign.

How has the fight shaped up so far?

Trump had been questioning Clinton’s antecedents and past records and has even insinuated that Ms. Clinton is the most corrupt person to have ever sought presidency in the country. Although he has been at the receiving end due to a tax evasion case, he has decided to fight back pugnaciously by pointing out that the Clinton Foundation was still under investigations on corruption charges and has also dubbed the Hillary Clinton email fiasco “bigger than Watergate.”

When faced with ire and backlash from women, civil groups, activists, Hispanics and American Muslims over his excoriating and abrasive comments- strong words like “misogynist”, “homophobe”, “xenophobe”, etc. have been repeatedly used against Trump, he has attacked Hillary Clinton by claiming that Hillary abetted and protected her husband who had to face impeachment on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice due to lying under oath about his extramarital affair with White House Intern Ms. Monica Lewinsky in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Ms. Paula Jones.

However, the world opinion has shaped up against him and most polls have found Americans giving higher rating to Ms. Clinton when it came to a head to head analysis between the two candidates. Most have even found Mr. Trump unqualified for leading the world’s most powerful democracy.

Clamor for hurting Trump economically

Suggestions have also been made that Donald Trump can be taught a lesson only if he is hurt economically. The wealthy realtor and former TV star who likes to make an ostentatious show of his wealth has roiled even those from the GOP and many have openly decried his candidature and have refused to support him.

Some believe that by boycotting any brand, company or property that is registered under his name, Trump can be put in his place.  Mr. Trump, who has claimed that the system is rigged and has vowed to fight on even after the election is over if he loses, may not let the clamor die down so easily especially armed with the ammo of Hillary Clinton’s email issue. That might mean that the discussion surrounding the election may drag on for a few months after the election is over!

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