Motorola (NYSE: MSI) Patents Flexible Display and Wrist-worn Gadgets

It is no secret that consumers were hoping that many of the recent wearable gadgets would have similarities to that of the fan-rendition of the Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iWatch and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch. Most of those ideas that were stunningly beautiful were due to the fact they had a flexible display.

Motorola (NYSE: MSI) has recently filed patents on both flexible display as well as wrist-worn gadgets. Motorola has revealed in its patent application that the display and case will be able to flex with its chassis.

The chassis will be made up of metal links like a metal watch would normally have. This method will allow flexible display for curve viewing as well as allowing minimal stress even while it’s bending. Of course, the company will require flexible circuit materials before any of this is possible. We will most likely not see this product in the coming year.

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