Nassar Scandal Calls University President Simon to Resign

Lou Anna Simon, the president of Michigan State University, has been asked by Mitch Lyons, a trustee of the same university to resign from her position after the scandal concerning Larry Nasser shook the educational institution. Nassar was once a doctor in the university who molested a large number of female athletes.

Resignation and Nassar

Lyons has released a statement to this effect, saying that he does not think that president Simon could possibly survive the public outcry which was made due to this tragedy. She is further damned by the testimony of a number of women who have survived this horrific abuse. The best course for Simon to take in this matter is to resign her post. Doing so will start the healing process. The resignation will also help the university. He went on to add that it is his belief that Simon has lost the right to lead the educational institution. He is afraid that the confidence loss is an irreparable one. Lyon underlined that the above statement was not personal. He had noted that no evidence was presented to the board about the workings of Nassar. The indicted doctor is at present 54 years old.

Nassar served as a USA Gymnastics doctor and was also a physician of sports medicine at MSU. He has pleaded guilty to multiple charges of sexual conduct deemed to be of criminal nature. He was also indicted for child pornography. These judgments came about in 2017. The second week of January witnessed about 100 women coming in to testify at the sentencing hearings. They told the legal staff about a number of harrowing experiences concerning their interactions with the doctor.

Trustee board and requests

The request for Simon to resign comes after definite proofs that she, along with a number of others, knew full well what Nassar was doing- and chose to keep silent about it. Brian Breslin, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the MSU, said that the board continues to support Simon. He said that the latter will continue in her leadership. All eight members of the trustee board even now lend their support to Simon.

When asked, Simon said that she was told that an investigation has been started, against a specialist sports medicine doctor. She did not receive any report despite telling everyone that she prefers an honest version of the events.

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