National Security Council Spokesman Announces Resignation

Last week, Michael Anton, the spokesman for the National Security Council announced the news that he would be resigning from his post as spokesman and instead, would be joining as a lecturer at the Hillsdale College's Kirby Center.

Sarah Sanders, the spokeswoman for the White House released a statement on Anton's resignation soon after it was announced. She had said that Anton was a pleasure to work with and would be missed by everyone at the White House. She also went on to praise Anton and called him a smart and talented individual.

During the announcement, Anton expressed his gratitude towards President Trump for giving him the opportunity to not only be part of service to his country but also to become an important part in the execution of the President's agenda.

Three weeks prior to Anton's announcement, his boss, H.R McMaster, advisor to the National Security Council had also handed in his resignation.

McMaster will be replaced by John Bolton who was once the ambassador to the United Nations.

Michael Anton’s role during Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016

McMaster's resignation has caused a certain amount of confusion within President Trump's office. The resignation of Rex Tillerson and the subsequent entry of Mike Pompeo initiated the turmoil in the office.

In 2016, Anton, under the name Publius Decius Mus, wrote that the 2016 election and the result were like the flight that crashed in 2001 in Pennsylvania after passengers took charge of the cockpit. He called it the Flight 93 election. He was also a fierce supporter of Trump's foreign policies and voiced his support through endless essays and blog posts during Trump's presidential campaign. He emphasized the need for conservatives to change their way of thinking in order to survive.

He portrayed Trump as the only hope for the country and said that even if the Conservatives were ultimately elected, they would not know how to lead a country like the U.S. and that the risks were too high.

Anton had earlier worked for President George W. Bush and has been serving Trump for over a year. His resignation is the latest in a long chain of resignations.

During the announcement or even later, after the White House released a statement on Anton's departure, no reason was stated for the current situation of things. The reason that prompted Michael Anton to resign was never discussed.kop

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