Nationals Nervous And Queensland MPs want Solution


The idea of the Liberal National Party of Queensland fracturing to form new groups in Canberra have been dismissed by Senior Coalition Members of Parliament. Darren Chester, the Nationals MP, have publicly responded on December 20 when he took a stand against any kind of treasonous talk. He was kicked out of the party by Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. Chester asked his colleagues to desist from criticizing each other. He told them they should unite post a bad few months. The MP also cited “poor discipline”.

Party dominance

The Liberal National Party in Queensland has a total of 26 MP s. A few have caucused with Liberal Party. Another few have done the same with Nationals in Canberra. It is to be noted that if LNP members sat together, it would be second biggest conservative party in the Australian Parliament. It will then be positioned to demand deputy prime ministership. A number of cabinet seats can also be grabbed if this arrangement becomes a reality.

The fracture has been mentioned by Keith Pitt, the junior minister. On December 20, he did not reject outright the setting up of another party next year. Three Queensland colleagues, Pitt- Llew O'Brien, Ian McDonald, and Scott Buccholz, told the media that they do not prefer to see Pitt quit the Nationals party. They were against the creation of separate LNP grouping. Michael McCormack, a Junior Minister, also asked Pitt to remain within the Nationals' party.

Factional members

Pitt reminded the audience of an earlier statement where he said that his priority is to serve his constituency Hinkler. Pitt reminded the audience that people in his constituency have supported him and Liberal National Party during the previous two elections. He said that he intended to make sure that people of his electorate will continue to be served by him. Joyce, engaged in the process of cleaning up post the controversial decisions, denied whether any demotions have taken place. The promotion of David Littleproud MP, a freshly elected politician, were denied as political payback.

Buchholz, a member of the National party who has a place in a room for Liberal party members in Canberra, strongly rebuked Pitt for thinking whether a separate LNP grouping will work in Canberra. He said that there is a need for more discipline and he discouraged his colleagues who are disgruntled with the state of affairs to give an interview to journalists.

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