Nations have mixed reactions towards Trump win

The astonishment that greeted people as the electoral votes came in on November 8, 2016, showed that Donald Trump was going to be the new President of the United States of America. Many global leaders were stunned into silence but subsequently extended their congratulations with a view to continue peaceful bilateral relations. Putin was expectedly happy at the outcome while many other nations like Mexico were dismayed at the upset, since Trump had indicated that he would go ahead and build the wall. Germany also extended their support in keeping the relationship going.

Many countries are uncertain about what the future beholds and here are some of the reactions to the new President Elect of the USA. Colombia was hopeful that the relationship between the two nations would continue especially since Trump was critical of the trade agreement. Australia also has expressed solidarity in keeping the relationship going. Cubans however have not been very appreciative of the new commander in chief. They believe that he may sour the relationship between the nations. Canada has also extended out their hands in keeping the fires burning between the two nations, given that their alliance has been a good partnership. India also expects that the relationship will continue in every facet of business and trade. From other parts of the world who cheered Mr. Trump to victory was the Netherlands, France and Denmark. Israel believes that the new president would be an ally.

People on a global footing have had mixed responses – sadness, disbelief and appreciation. From a pure political standpoint, the new President will have the task of taking on a divided nation and put into place a strategy that pleases all. This is a huge task ahead, given the fact the Mr. Trump does not have a political background, but the man with the Midas touch will definitely bring back job opportunities and not be a divisive force. The run up to the final call were the campaigns that left everyone reeling with disbelief with the vast amounts of stories doing the rounds. These were put to the test with people voting for who they felt for suitable for office. Talk about racism and white supremacists taking over America have been doing the rounds, but that is not what this great nation is about. Given the fact that trade among nations is of prime importance and global politics is key to implementing policies, the new party has a lot on their plate.

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