Nationwide Shifts to AWS as Preferred Cloud Provider | Financial Buzz

Nationwide Shifts to AWS as Preferred Cloud Provider, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) via Amazon Web Services, Inc. reported that Nationwide, a insurance and financial services provider has expanded its relationship with AWS as it has been selected as its preferred cloud provider.  As the company is pushing towards a digital transformation, Nationwide is moving important business workloads to AWS that include over 850 business and customer facing applications.  This leverages AWS’s advanced services which include database, analytics, machine learning, securities and serverless technologies. 

AWS Enterprise Next will make the client’s rapid move to the cloud at an accelerated speed as it pairs AWS experts with customer teams to create plans and key milestones to drive the company’s ongoing digital transformation.  AWS Enterprise Next has helped Nationwide build over 60 applications in the cloud which includes its Small Business Advisory platform that utilizes machine learning services online such as Amazon Textract to retrieve data from scanned forms and documents to automate the underwriting process for small business owners.  “Our customers’ needs and expectations of how their insurance partner supports them are evolving rapidly and AWS has given us the agility that we need to quickly innovate and provide new services, while delivering the security, reliability, and performance that customers have come to expect from us for more than 90 years,” said Jim Fowler, CTO at Nationwide. “AWS has helped us move to the cloud quicker than we ever imagined possible, and their unmatched portfolio of services is transforming our business. AWS gives us the ability to reach new digital audiences who can access and consume our services through a variety of channels, and empowers our associates with next-generation tools and insights to enhance our customer service.”

“Combining Nationwide’s financial expertise with AWS’s proven performance and unmatched portfolio of services is enabling them to deliver powerful new financial tools to help them stay ahead competitively and remain a leader in serving customers,” said Greg Pearson, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS. “Leveraging AWS, Nationwide can innovate and deploy new solutions while they are streamlining their business operations and processes on the backend. By building and running their most strategic platforms on AWS, Nationwide is positioning itself as a leading choice for life insurance and financial services for years to come.”