NATO Chief says that the World is ‘In Danger’

Nato Chief Jens Stoltenberg was on a visit to Estonia when he made the comment on the state of the world at present. He was visiting the British troops stationed here. He made it a point to mention the various threats that are responsible for this situation.

Describes current situation as 'unpredictable'

Stoltenberg described the current situation as being 'unpredictable' and said that the world is now in a more dangerous position than it has been for an entire generation. Talking about his 30-year career, he said that he has never seen a more 'difficult' climate than the one that prevails ever before. He enumerated the various threats that the world is facing today and mentioned the North Korean missile test and threats to launch an attack on the U.S. and its allies. He also listed out terrorism and the growing aggression from the Russian end as reasons for the disquiet and unpredictability prevailing today. He pointed out that these are the challenges that are making the situation so difficult today.

Talks about Russian troops exercise

Stoltenberg took a direct dig at Russia while mentioning the military exercise that is to be held by the nation soon. He highlighted the fact that this will be the largest military exercise since the Cold War and also pointed out that Russia has officially announced that only 13,000 troops will participate. However, he raised doubts that this will be the case, saying that though the NATO Council has been giving this number, it has happened in the past that Russian has grossly underplayed the number of troops that will actually participate in the exercises. He mentioned similar situations in the year 2013 and 2009 when far more troops than had been officially announced had been part of such an exercise.

The statement assumes significance in the face of the North Korean stance of military aggression only matched by the U.S. promise of unleashing 'fire and fury' against the country if it does follow through on its threats. Meanwhile, South Korea is gearing up with a highly controversial defense system backed by the U.S. that has drawn a lot of protest for its alleged risks to the environment. While these issues have yet to be resolved, Russia is already in the news and has been for the past few years for its militarization efforts in the Arctic, which include enhanced troop training in this location.

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