Neal considers to Run against Cheney

If everything goes as planned, Liz Cheney, the Republican US House Representative, will compete against Mary Neal, the author and surgeon from Jackson for Wyoming representation. The challenger, however, did not confirm her electoral debut. She claimed that she is far away from making any final decisions.

About Neal

According to Neal, she likes a few policies of both the GOP and the Democrats. She was not sure as to whether she would compete against Cheney in Republican primary. Alternatively, she could also face the sitting Republican in a general election as a Democrat. However, as per records obtained by Federal Election Commission, Neal donated sums of money like $2,250 and $1,800 to Gary Trauner and Barack Obama respectively. No Republicans received any donation. However, it is not a sure sign that she is a dyed in the wool Democrat. It means that other Republicans will attack her in the GOP primary. This has precedence in the likes of Mark Gordon-now Wyoming Treasurer- when he donated to Trauner and John Kerry while he ran for office in 2008.

Neal is also more oriented towards the Democrats. She said while both the GOP and the Democrats have tried to take her in for the run towards political office, it makes more sense that the Democratic Party will want her to take a potshot at Cheney in 2018. The latter won her position garnering 60 percent of total votes in 2016. She under-performed Donald Trump by approximately eight points. Ryan Greene, the competing Democrat, vacuumed up 30 percent, The rest was taken by a few third- party candidates.

Visiting heaven

Neal is an excellent candidate, She is a well known orthopedic surgeon. She has also written two books about drowning while kayaking down a South American river, and another book on the doubtful activity of visiting heaven. Her website says that Neal went to heaven. She conversed with Jesus and came back. She also claimed to have experienced God's love. Her biography pasted on her website reads that her life has been filled with the intervention and miracles of God.

Neal's story is as expected popular with the many evangelical media outlets which tend to go politically to the hard right. The list of such magazines include Christianity Today and Christian Broadcasting Network. According to Neal, she wants to join politics due to her frustration with the latter. She said that the federal government is not trying to help the common US citizen.

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