NEOFECT Wins 5 Awards for Medical Innovation and Technological Design

a medtech company that designs gamified rehabilitation solutions for
patients recovering from stroke and other neurological and
musculoskeletal conditions, took home five awards this summer for
innovation in healthcare technology.

Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehabilitation and training
through games. Using portable, lightweight equipment for continued home
training, solutions like Smart Glove for Home and Smart Pegboard make
rehabilitation more engaging and accessible for the 5 million people
recovering from stroke each year.

Recent awards include:

“Traditional rehabilitation methods for patients of stroke or other
neurological disorders are incredibly tedious, and many patients don’t
complete their exercises often enough to be effective,” Scott Kim,
Co-Founder and CEO of NEOFECT U.S.A. said. “At NEOFECT, we’re committed
to creating engaging, technology-based rehabilitation solutions that
encourage and motivate patients. Our solutions incorporate the latest
advancements in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, creating a
fun yet measurable way to train and objectively measure progress. These
awards and more importantly, feedback from patients prove that
game-based training is the future of rehabilitation, and they only fuel
our drive to continue to develop innovative, accessible rehab solutions
for patients worldwide.”

The international award recognition comes after numerous studies proved
the benefits of NEOFECT’s devices. Research published by Stanford in the Journal
of Neurology concluded patients using the Smart Glove for Home were
highly satisfied with the experience and kept up with the at-home
therapy sessions.

For more information about how NEOFECT’s technology is helping patients,


Korean-American health tech startup NEOFECT was founded in 2010 to
create an environment where stroke survivors, doctors, and therapists
can objectively evaluate the results of patient rehabilitation. Fun,
game-based rehabilitation exercises motivate patients while
simultaneously providing actionable, quantifiable data to medical

NEOFECT uses the latest technological innovations to design affordable
and easy-to-use devices for rehabilitation training available anytime,
anywhere, like its flagship product, the RAPAEL Smart Glove for Home.

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