Netflix introduces MindFlix to navigate Streaming Video Platform

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) had its engineers invent a device to scroll and play videos using your mind. The modified Muse device or headband is extended to aid with meditation. Users will be able to nod to select video content and think “play” to start the content. MindFlix reads brain activity and uses information gathered to determine functions. The product is still in initial stages of testing but the company is not clear if the product will ever be available to its mainstream audience.

MindFlix is a product of one of Netflix’s “hack days,” instances where the product development team has 24 hours to come up with Netflix related projects. One project that came to light was socks that turn off Netflix when you fall asleep, a program that allows users to donate to charities after watching certain video content and the ability to see what other profiles are viewing.

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