New Hampshire House and DC-Style Politics

A process is important in New Hampshire politics. The New Hampshire House has one of the most open and transparent legislative processes. Each proposal and every one of them enjoys a public hearing. Public input is taken seriously. Every proposal must clear a number of hurdles to be law. The end result is some wins and some losses. Whatever the result may be, the public gets a completely transparent process. Faith is, thus, implicit in such a scenario.

Senate Bill 193

The Senate Bill 193 has seen a substantial process. Regardless of any individual opinion of the SB 193, it would be an important policy change. Some people call SB 193 a voucher and some “freedom” savings accounts. The bill was extremely controversial. The House has rejected it completely and without any doubt. The defeat was not once, but twice in recent days.

The scene could have been much different in Washington DC. If the folks there cannot get what they want, they try to rig the process to get it. New Hampshire should not follow such a model. However, it seems that such kind of politics has already crept in. Under the leadership of Governor Chris Sununu, GOP members who control the Senate attached the SB 193 bill to a totally unrelated House bill. When they did so, they put a fresh lease of life into SB 193. The problem is that such a move reeks of DC politics.

No dirty politics

Truth be told, both Republican and Democratic senators try to push in amendments to the House bills. The latest incident was much different. Senators rarely, if at all, tack an unrelated House Bill into something major which may result in policy change. It is to be remembered that the bill was controversial. It did not even scrape past the success line twice and not for lack of trying. The dirty event happened when GOP member attached the SB 193 to the House Bill 1636. This is not an acceptable method to do business.

Most lawmakers follow a certain code and maintain the House's constitutional ideals. These occurrences break every kind of law and decency in place. It is hoped by many that the House will move swiftly to reject a dirty tactic imported from Washington. Voting must not be successful on the House 1636 without any committee of conference formation. If this is done, it will be proved that policy is important, and it is vital that the public continues to have faith in the process.

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