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New Internet Service Lets You Know What Software Other Companies are Using

Apple, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Search EngineIf you are into marketing and sales, you will appreciate what Datanyze has to offer. Datanyze is a San Mateo startup that provides a Google-like (NASDAQ: GOOG) service, a bit for sales and marketing personnel. The service goes through millions of web pages from the highest ranking websites and finds out what types of software a company is using. Unlike Google, Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) and Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Bing, which look for certain keywords, Datanyze looks for web technologies. The company was started with no angel funding, no venture capital money and it is growing at a rate of 25 percent per annum. According to sources, Datanyze might soon hit total revenues of $1 million.

How does the service determine which web technology a company is using?

When a website uses a certain web technology, the software leaves a ‘signature’ or a footprint. For instance, if you go to a WordPress page and peek into the HTML code, you will see WordPress mentioned there. This is how you know that the website is using WordPress. Web technologies can consist of marketing automation systems, e-commerce engines or customer relationship management systems. All these leave traces on the website, for instance Javascript fragments, codes, embeds and CSS markup even. Datanyze crawlers find these clues and report them back to the user.

Datanyze’s operations are completely legit. The company says that the spider crawlers it sends out searches only for information that is publicly available. You can also do everything that the service does, but manually. The company analyzes millions of websites everyday, so the data is always updated.

How does Datanyze score over traditional data mining operations?

There are many advantages of updating data every day. For example, when a website installs a trial software, Datanyze catches it. Datanyze can report this to the competitor, who can then call up the company and ask them to try their system too. Datanyze is a targeted service; client conversation rates increase because you are reaching out to those who actually have need for the product and will be more inclined to buy.

One of the major complaints that marketing and sales personnel have from the business data that they buy now, is that is they are often old or even outdated. Some companies have found that up to 80 percent of the data that they buy may be outdated. Datanyze is growing fast and soon it will offer more options. The team is working to make the data richer and also add more categories, with additional filtering.