New Legislation for Federal Gun Control

A new legislation is expected to be pushed in by the federal government during the third week of March. The new legislation is expected to strengthen the laws regarding firearms sales. This bill will bolster the screening of individuals who are existing gun owners. The legislation will permit continuous eligibility examination. The latter will assist to identify and tag criminal behavior. The latter will initiate investigation into firearm ownership.

Curbing violence

This legislation is part of an effort to curb violence due to the use of guns. The list of changes includes wider background checks. These checks will be done on anyone who wants to buy a firearm. The latter must be in the non-restricted category. Present laws do not ask vendors of firearms to keep any files of gun sales and gun inventory. Any person with a legal firearms license could legally purchase non-restricted firearms. A person could buy multiple guns. What's more, the store which could sell the guns to that person may opt not to keep any record of purchases. This was not always the case. Prior to the 2012 Harper government, the administration requisitioned sales records from vendors. The registry for long guns was also abandoned at that time.

Laws and deaths

Liberals have long promised a revision of the firearms laws. The action taken on the ground, however, was negligible. The Canadian Government, in November 2017, had announced an outlay of $327 million spanning five years. An additional $100 million was promised every year after then. This initiative was taken to reduce gang-related crimes. It is hoped that crimes resulting from gun use will also get reduced. The summit involved the participation of community partners. All cogitations will be done on the issue of gangs and guns.

The Liberals, as per the mandate tracker created by them, will not remake the long gun registry which was once kept by the federal government. This proposed bill is being pushed at a time when there will be a number of nationwide concerns regarding rural gun violence. Homicide trends are also a matter of concern. Canada suffered about 220 homicides directly linked to firearms in 2016. It was a sharp rise- about 44 percent- from the previous year, 2015. The statistics obtained from the government show that about 2,233 licenses given to gun owners were taken back in 2016.

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