New Record Number of Companies, Trade Groups Urge Congressional Leaders to Reauthorize and Fund Energy Title Programs as Farm Bill Heads to Conference

More than 210 companies and trade associations today wrote House and
Senate Agriculture Committee leaders, urging them “to reauthorize and
maintain full mandatory funding for energy title programs” as Congress
confers to pass a final farm bill.

The letter, organized by the Agriculture Energy Coalition, states, “Farm
bill energy title programs bring significant investment and opportunity
to rural America, providing producers with new revenue sources,
promoting development in clean, renewable energy, biobased products, and
making energy efficiency investments. Due to federal leadership, rural
economic development, jobs, manufacturing, and environmental quality
have all seen quantifiable and substantial gains.”

As the coalition explained in it’s March 2018 letter, and reiterated in
today’s letter, “Energy title programs account for less than
one-tenth-of-one-percent of farm bill spending and yet provide outsized

Today’s letter emphasized the coalition’s support for the Senate’s
version of the Farm Bill, noting “The programs, as approved in the
Senate, can continue to unleash greater benefits.”

The letter goes on to add, “Energy title programs provide the means for
ag-based entrepreneurs to launch initiatives to generate jobs and
economic development – from wind, geothermal, hydro and solar power, to
biogas and advanced biofuels, to biopower, biobased products, renewable
chemicals, and energy efficiency.”

Lloyd Ritter, director of the Agriculture Energy Coalition, notes, “The
farm bill’s energy title programs provides much needed support to rural
America, enabling our farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses to
become more self-sufficient, and bring high-value products to market in
the United States and around the world. With the support of more than
210 companies and trade associations, we look forward to working with
Congress to reauthorize the energy title as the farm bill moves to
conference, on its way to final passage.”

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