New York and California Restrict Over 60 Million People on Coronavirus Fear | Financial Buzz

New York and California Restrict Over 60 Million People on Coronavirus Fear

New York and California impose new restrictions to limit the activity of 60 million people in the two states to limit the spread of the coronavirus as non-essential workers are ordered to stay home.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has beseeched for increased medical personnel and supplies to treat and combat the coronavirus cases that may overwhelm the hospitals.  “This is the most drastic action we can take,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in announcing he would issue an executive order to mandate that 100% of the non-essential workforce stay home and all non-essential businesses close.  “Remain indoors, go outside for solitary exercise,” he said.

The California order on the 40 million inhabitants was imposed on Thursday which allow outside exercise as long as individuals stay six feet away from one another.  Venture capitalist Meredith Finn, 37, was walking her dog Brady in the affluent West Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, where streets were emptier than usual.

“It’s definitely the right move,” she said of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s order. The order took immediate effect and he left open the duration.

“We need to take it really seriously and prevent spread of the disease. Obviously, it’s not the most fun to be home alone but I’m taking my dog out for short walks. I’m trying to stay in touch with friends and family with FaceTime and Zoom.”

Over 1,000 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in California as 19 of those individuals have died.  “Let me be clear that neither of these agreements with Canada or Mexico applies to lawful trade or commerce,” acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said. “Essential commercial activities will not be impacted.”