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Next Generation: Volvo Cars Powered by Luminar LiDAR Technology

Volvo Cars is raising its safety and technology standards as it partners with Luminar to provide LiDAR and perception technology for Volvo’s next generation of cars.  This partnership will produce Volvo’s first fully self-driving technology for highways as it pushes for future active safety developments.  The next generation SPA 2 modular vehicle layout will be available as hardware-ready for autonomous drive from production starting in 2022 utilizing the Luminar LiDAR integrated into the roof.  “Autonomous drive has the potential to be one of the most lifesaving technologies in history, if introduced responsibly and safely,” said Henrik Green, chief technology officer at Volvo Cars. “Providing our future cars with the vision they require to make safe decisions is an important step in that direction.”

There is future potential for the companies to explore LiDAR’s role in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as it may equip all future SPA2-based cars with a LiDAR sensor as a standard.  “Soon, your Volvo will be able to drive autonomously on highways when the car determines it is safe to do so,” said Henrik Green. “At that point, your Volvo takes responsibility for the driving and you can relax, take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. Over time, updates over the air will expand the areas in which the car can drive itself. For us, a safe introduction of autonomy is a gradual introduction.”

“Volvo is recognised as the pioneer of automotive safety, having driven standardisation across the industry for the most advanced life-saving technologies,” said Austin Russell, founder and CEO of Luminar. “The next era of safety lies within autonomous driving and once again, Volvo has taken the lead with a major industry milestone. We’ve solved the key cost, performance, and auto-grade challenges to make series production possible, and alongside Volvo are making the technology available to the world.”