Nintendo announces Monster Hunter is coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (OTC: NTDOY) shares jumped on Friday after game marker Capcom announced that it plans to bring its Monster Hunter to Nintendo’s Switch, as investors are expecting that this popular game will help boost the sales of Nintendo’s handheld console.

On Friday, Capcom, a Japanese video game developer, announced that "Monster Hunter XX" is coming to Nintendo's latest console. Capcom’s other famous game titles such as “Street Fighter” and “Resident Evil”

"Monster Hunter XX" has been very popular since it was released in November 2015. More than 1.5 copies had been sold in the first two days of release.

Nintendo shares rose 5.48 percent to 33,510 yen on Friday, the highest level since October 2008.

This also eases investors’ concerns that the new console could have difficulties attracting third party game developers. Recently, companies like Electronic Arts and Sega, have developed titles for the console.

Nintendo has sold 2.74 million Switch consoles since it was launched earlier this year, the company said previously. U.S. retailer like Target and BestBuy reported better-than-expected sales and earnings, thanks to strong demand for Switch consoles.

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