“No Fee” Credit Card Launched by Delta and American Express

Blue Delta Skymiles Credit Card brings with it zero yearly fees. This card, launched by the American Express, followed the path showed by Chase & United Airlines before it. This step was expected as airlines have long been concentrating on the expansion of benefits which comes out of using a credit card. High-end customers get better deals under such schemes.

New cards to the fore

Airlines have realized that travelers prefer a credit card that enables them to earn airline rewards sans any annual fees. This is similar to a credit card that offers cash backs. Even though you would not enjoy any priority boarding benefits and free checked bags or the elite qualifying miles, you will still collect Delta SkyMiles when you purchase any item with the card.

It is apparent that 2017 will be the year which will be later referred to as the time when airline companies launched credit cards which do not carry any fees. These cards will hopefully attract casual travelers and millennials. Both of the latter are all primed to make the transition to travel rewards cards sans payment of any yearly fees.

No fees but conditions exist

Annual fees are non-existent with this Delta card. Do note that a foreign transaction fee of 2.7 percent will be charged if you have a Blue Delta Amex card. The purchase APR will be anywhere between 16.75 percent and 25.74 percent. The latter will depend on the creditworthiness. Delta SkyMiles can be earned on each and every purchase. Skymiles can also be earned for every dollar spent. To give an example, two miles will be credited on every purchase you make. Spending inside American restaurants earns the card user two miles. For all remaining purchases, you get one mile. A statement credit of 20% becomes eligible to the customer for any Delta-in flight purchases like headsets, beverages, and meals. No yearly caps exist on the miles which can be earned every year.

A Delta card user can be the recipient of 10,000 Bonus SkyMiles. This can be earned after spending $500 within the initial three months. Do understand there are a few conditions attached to qualifying for bonus miles. You will not be eligible if you already use a Delta SkyMiles Options card. It will also not be acceptable if you presently own or have in the past owned a number of Delta credit cards like Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, Delta Reserve Credit Card and similar Delta branded cards.

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