North Korea terms its ballistic missile tests a success

The North Korean KCNA, the country’s official news agency, claimed that the nation achieved success in its test firing of a ballistic missile. The surface to surface medium to long range weapon was tested by firing into the Sea of Japan. The country immediately came under intense condemnation from other countries after the tests. The defense ministry of South Korea termed it a provocation to test what United States President Donald J. Trump will do in such a scenario. The United Nations resolutions has expressly forbidden North Korea to conduct ballistic missile tests.

Missile particulars

According to the KCNA, the missile was named Pukguksong-2, which it described as a newer kind of strategic weapon system. The North Korean Government’s media arm also said that the missile was fitted with a solid fuel engine. This provided the ballistic missile a much longer range. The missiles can also be readied much quicker for launch compared to liquid fuel missiles. The Pukguksong- 2 is the newest iteration of an earlier missile. The first version was launched from a submarine in 2016. It flew a high arc as to maintain the international treaties with neighboring countries.

South Korea’s defense ministry has said that the missile’s launch paid was Panghyon air base located on the west coast of North Korea. It was launched during the early hours of February 12. The missile hurtled east for approximately 500 kilometers before dropping into the sea. Seoul believes that a “cold eject system” was used to launch the rocket. The cold launch uses compressed gas to give its initial thrust. The same system is employed for missiles launched from submarines below the ocean surface.

Reactions to tests

The United States, South Korea and Japan have submitted a request to the United Nations so that a Security Council meeting can be quickly held to discuss such an incident. The Chinese opposed these missile tests by North Korea. It asked all parties to stop any escalation of tensions.

The KCNA said that Kim Jong-un has expressed extreme satisfaction over this test launch, which as per the North Korean propaganda, added to the might of the state. The country believes that a nuclear warhead could be delivered with the missile. Most analysts hold the belief that Pyongyang has not yet mastered the technology of crafting miniaturized warheads which could be placed on a missile.

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