NRA Officials Disagree with Trump over Armed Club Goers

Leadership of the National Rifle Association (NRA) split on June 19 on the position taken by Donald Trump that club goers can carry weapons. Wayne LaPierre, the Chief Executive Officer of the NRA said that arms are a not good presence where people drinks. He, however, said that every American must have a security plan. There is an urgent need that Americans must protect themselves as the hostiles are coming. The latter will approach the nation’s vulnerable spots- and the American people must realize it.

Unrealistic scenarios

During a rally in June 17, the Republican presidential hopeful said that the massacre could have been stopped if a few of the victims had weapons to retaliate. Trump said that the outcome would have been different if some of the victims had guns inside their clothes. If that was the case, then the bullets could have also come from the other side. The real estate billionaire also said that shooting dead the gunman would be a beautiful sight.

Chris Cox, the executive director of NRAs Institute for Legislative Action supported Trump. He said what the latter said makes sense. If any person would have the guns to stop this event, much less people would have died. When pressed, the executive director responded that weapons should not have been available to people drinking alcohol.

He also further stated that no person thinks that people can visit a nightclub to drink and carry firearms at the same ti8me. This goes against not only common sense but also the law. La Pierre tweeted later on to clarify his comment. He urged people who want to carry a gun not to dink. He, however, said that it is acceptable to take the firearm to restaurants which serve alcohol.

Banning arms sales

The split comes at a time when Trump has asked for a meeting with the NRA leaders on the subject of banning sales of guns to individuals on federal terror watch and the no-fly list. La Pierre said that banning sales to individuals on the watch list would not any effect in Orlando as Omar Mateen- the gunman- was removed from list. According to him, NRA was not responsible for removing the name from the list. It was the handiwork of the government and the FBI due to politically correct policies. The push by the NRA comes at a time when senators prepare for voting on a number of measures which will restrict arms sales to persons suspected of terrorism.

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