Nvidia Partners with VW, Uber, and Baidu for AI Self-Driving Technology

Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) announced at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas has partnered with Volkswagen, China’s Baidu, Aurora and Uber to underscore the role of artificial intelligence in self driving vehicles.

Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, spoke in front of over a thousand people highlighting the company’s collaboration with over 320 partners on self driving across three different continents.

The NVIDIA Xavier is the center of the collaborations, which Nvidia calls it the most complex system on chip ever created.

“The complexity of future cars is incredible. It begins with Xavier, which can do deep learning, computer vision and high performance computing at highly efficient levels,” said Huang.

Xavier is a chip that delivers 30 trillion operations per second while consuming only 30 watts of power and is 15 times more efficient than its predecessor. The chip can fit in a board smaller than a license plate, which allows automotive manufacturers to replace a large chunk of space in the vehicles.

“This computer is on all the time, monitoring all of the sensors that are coming at it — it can never fail, it can never fail, because lives are at stake,” Huang said.”

Nvidia and Volkswagen also announced a partnership to combine AI technology and automotive vehicles using the NVIDIA DRIVE IX platform to create a new driver experience as well as improving safety.

“Together, we are building a new generation of cars that are safer, more enjoyable to ride in than anything that has come before, and accessible to everyone.” said Huang.

Ride hailing service, Uber will also use Nvidia’s chips for its AI self driving fleet, both companies confirmed at CES on Sunday.

Nvidia will also work with Chinese company, Baidu and ZF to create AI autonomous vehicle platform based on Xavier, ZF’s new ProAI car computer, and Baidu’s Apollo Pilot.

“NVIDIA and Baidu have pioneered significant advances in deep learning and AI together over the last several years,” said Huang. “Now, together with ZF, we have created the first AI autonomous vehicle computing platform for China.”

And lastly, within the United States, Nvidia also partnered with Aurora to bring new modular and scalable DRIVE Xavier platform for autonomous vehicles.

Along with Nvidia’s automotive announcements, the company also announced new big format gaming displays for PC-gaming experiences. Nvidia also extended its GeForce NOW beta to PC users, which allows users to play games at high quality that are streamed to their devices.

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