Obama Administration to Reduce Use of Private Prisons

President Obama and his administration plans to reduce the use of private for profit prisons after a conclusion was reached by The Justice Department, claiming private prisons are not as safe as governmental prisons.

The Justice Department explained the plans to reduce the use of private prisons, which will affect thousands of inmates. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said in a statement, “I am directing that, as each contract reaches the end of its term, the Bureau should either decline to renew that contract or substantially reduce its scope in a manner consistent with the law and the overall decline of the Bureau’s inmate population.”

Private prisons have been a political talking point for years, and in this elections the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that the country should change the private prison policies, moving to a more governmentally control system. The private prison lobby is a major contributor to the Republican campaigns. Donald Trump has said he is supporting the use of private prisons. 

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